Shrink Chamber Machine

Shrink Chamber Machine

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Shrink Chamber Machine

Chamber shrink wrapping machines are used to tightly wrap products in a secure, protective plastic film. The product is placed in the chamber and enveloped in a stretched plastic film. The closed chamber undergoes controlled heating, shrinking the film around the product. These machines may be manual or semi-automatic.


Power supply

 230V, 50 Hz. Single Phase

 Sealing Dimension

 550mm X 420mm

 Max. Packing Dimention

 (500mm X 350mm)

 Height of product


 Real Consumption


 Max film Size

 600mm X300mm Dia

 Machine Dimension

 1190mm X 750mm X 1450mm(H)

 Machine Weight

 110 Kg. Approx.



  • Pharma industries
  • Food industries
  • Cosmatics companies
  • Beverages industries
  • Packaging industries